Representative Lisa J. Billy

“I am pleased to endorse Tim Downing. He is a tremendous family man, has served his country in the military, served others in the ministry and is a genuine Republican and conservative,” Billy said. “I have known Tim Downing for many years, and I am able to endorse him unequivocally and without reservation. I know he is genuine, smart, capable and has true conservative convictions,” Billy said.

“Since Republicans have been put in charge of the state Legislature, there are those who will run for office as Republicans only because it’s the best way to win. We have to be discerning, and so it’s important to me that Tim has a long-standing commitment to our traditional values, limited government and lower but responsible taxes. He understands that schools need our support, and that students deserve results.”  “Nobody will fight harder for rural Oklahoma than Tim Downing,” Billy said.

U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe

“Tim Downing is a great American who has shown his tenacity and courage as a prosecutor and JAG officer in the U.S. Army Reserve,” Inhofe said. “He understands the Constitution and the intent of its framers who believed more power belonged to the states, and less to the federal government.”  “I was proud to have Tim as a part of my team and know he will make a great representative for the people of House District 42,” Inhofe said.

Superintendent Joy Hofmeister

“I trust Tim Downing to bring meaningful solutions to the challenges we face in education, and not just colorful rhetoric. Tim will support our teachers and stand with parents to fight for what really matters in our schools, and that’s the kids,” Hofmeister said. “I’m honored to support Tim Downing for state House.”

Attorney General Scott Pruitt

“As I’ve worked with Tim on many cases, I’ve seen first hand that he is a man of integrity. He is principled, professional and proficient. He has been an asset to the Attorney General’s office, and I know he will be a tremendous representative for the people of southern Oklahoma,” Pruitt said.

Jay Sekulow

“There are few people as committed to the Constitution and the rule of law as Tim Downing,” Sekulow said. “He is a great legal mind and a true conservative who will make the district and the state of Oklahoma proud.”